Sunday, February 10, 2008

Drainolith - This bodiless creation ecstacy is the cunning in cd-r

Third in the Drainolith dedicator series, final and third installment after "Easing out the Imaginary Line" and "Cutting Squares." This album came out of a flurry of recording activity that also birthed the limited "Synth Tape" and all the raw material for a collaboration with William Davidson. Recorded on the humble Drainolith Mobile Recording Unit which has also lovingly documented Thames, The Unireverse, Dreamcatcher, Kats, Moskos/Taylor Cream Valley Unit and Metis Yetis. All songs, or covers, all totally fried. Includes the hit "Gross Ginger Beer." Sounds like nothing else in the Draino discog. Reference in your library: Derek Bailey's ballads record, Corpse Love, Eddy, Greek avant guitar jerk-off specialist Nicki Skopelitis' real world albums (but god forbid you should ever have to listen to this brutality.) SOLD OUT

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