Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kubelka "Midget Bikini/Puh" cd-r

Kubelka - Midget Bikini/Puh - cd-r: Reissue of a late nineties Ku release. Much debate as to how many of the original casettes were made. Peacock claims two, Damage claims more, Moskos claims lots more....truth lies in betwixt. These were rehearsals for an opening slot for the No Neck Blues Band and Sabir Mateen at Lucky Ron's on Rideau St. Recorded, literally, in a fucking barn in the franco-Ontarian town of Bourget. So many hilarious stories abound from these days: Taylor being accused of shitting in dude's field, Gerry's wife as infinite sexual fantasy, Gerry's Eagles cover band, the G-Strings, Gerry's closest reference point for the Ku being Avalon by Roxy Music ect. Features extended band with Damage on synth and some weird dude Taylor knew playing wobbly, almost harmolodic sounding axe. Moskos had re-read an interview in FE with the Tall Dwarves over and over and had all the New Zealand slang down, thus the Puh reference. Midget Bikini is surely the true beginnings of the New Humour and certainly one of the absolute few Ku tracks with vocals. Ottawa avant-collegiate-guard at its most sparkling, shiniest best. 6$

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