Monday, August 4, 2014

Alterity Problem Don't Hate To Investigate Video by Josh Bastien

Joel Taylor <>

to me

11:33 PM 
me: yeeeah.

11:34 PM 
Joel: Jones. Back in this.
11:35 PM 
me: How is it?
yourself, i mean

Joel: I'm okay. Slightly sore uvula.
I'm good for tomorrow for pix
11:36 PM 
Saturn looks insane: Keitel, Douglas, Fawcett? Totally never heard of it

me: Me neither.
\Whats with your maw.
11:37 PM 
Joel: Hard to say. Woke up yesterday after a hard gin night. Seems to be improving though

me: sick? or some wierd shit

Joel: only time will tell

me: a hard gin night?
jones, so unlike you

Joel: saturday was
jus straight gin

me: straight.
11:38 PM 
damn, son.
uhm uhm uhm

Joel: yeah
it worked

me: in Ktown

Joel: t zone

me: in 'trana

Joel: yup
last night was K though
11:39 PM 
not much drinking
we were fine with that

me: do you guys have a zone?

Joel: not yet

me: still on the search

Joel: yeah
ivy checks various zones
baggins is so glad i'm back
11:40 PM 
me: how was the interview?
i bet little man be

Joel: hard to say
could go either way

me: right, always like that.

Joel: i feel like i may not get that, but they might give me something else

me: but you didn't shit your pants and stare at at the interviewees boobs the whole zone.

Joel: depends on what the other candidate (who has previously worked there) wants to do i think
11:41 PM 
no, i wasn't nervous until after. I made a few jokes, did my best. they're relaxed.
if anything i think i was too pro-seming

me: right
well. time will tell
like your uvula

Joel: exacte
11:42 PM 
me: ahhh time.
it is a dimension

Joel: number 5
or tied for 4 w space

me: tied with space for something is a weird zone to be in.

Joel: yeah. check Kant

me: ahah
11:43 PM 
Joel: were you able to get in?

me: no
didn't try, all good.

Joel: oh, sorry, i thought ihad responded

me: no. but really its ok.

Joel: all the more county for the future i guess

me: might have been a netler concern
11:44 PM 
I guess i might be tied with space for "things presently occupying my apartment."

Joel: right

me: but tied with a long list of things.

Joel: yup.but it's one

me: ITs not just me and space.

Joel: but not for Kant
11:45 PM 
me: its one
No time. Is in a more significant tie
I would say.
I should read Kant agian. I loved it.
Only once in 1999

Joel: Farbus gave the Prolegomena a big thumbs up this weekend
11:46 PM 
me: really.

Joel: Unless it's time for the full CPR again
Yah, you know, Kant comes up, gs approve, like now

me: ooh i mean, i am not suprised in the least.
11:47 PM 
You and JOrdo, talking about Kant. My god. Rare hangs! Raaare hangs.

Joel: hahaha

me: rare hangs
good song title.
any song titles come up.
11:48 PM 
"just pop in there"

Joel: what's that from?

me: Ghostbusters.
"It just popped in there"
THought about a staypuff
"What just popped in there?" says Murray
11:49 PM 
Joel: I quoted Gb this weekend too

me: Always time.

Joel: tryin to think of the line
11:50 PM 
Oh yeah: Don't look directly into the trap.
"I looked at the trap, Ray"

me: hahah
In what context.

Joel: as you say, always time

me: ?

Joel: I think "Random Teeber Nonsequitur"

me: hahah
always time

Joel: Would be good if that had been the "phrase juste"
11:51 PM 
me: hahahaha

Joel: like, what are the circumstances where it's: I looked at the trap Ray

me: And somebody had called it...."Ahhh le phrase juste"

Joel: I'd have given that call an air oscillator
11:52 PM 
me: When is time for air oscillator and when is time for air skronk.
both are for different occasions.

Joel: I guess, yeah
I definitely did some air drums to Zep this weekend

me: word
sounds like a good weekend.

Joel: so the music's a factor
11:53 PM 
Moebius: air oscillator
Ayler: air skronk

me: but I mean. no music situation. Someone calls your phrase juste (after a GB quote, no less) air oscillator.
11:54 PM 
Joel: yeah, I feel like that's the one

me: Hobo saying "change pour manger" probably a skronk

Joel: yeah, esp. on that thirs one i think Ch-aaaa-nge pour manger

me: yeah
thats true
11:55 PM 
he really reeds it

Joel: dude: it's pour manger

me: yeah
so redo on the photos.

Joel: yup

me: i think it'll go fast and smooth
but basically we are on the right path.

Joel: good
11:56 PM 
me: my feeling.
band shot and the cover shot. and its off to the races.

Joel: righto
and titles

me: might be earlier scene like 8:30 or so.
is that ok?

Joel: okay that works

me: titles?
any thoughts.
11:57 PM 
Joel: no, i didn't deal with it over the weekend

me: that, luckily can be the last thing.
so not a rush.

Joel: they'll come

me: what needs titles so far track wise
11:58 PM 
Joel: we have puh and don't hate for sure

me: right.

Joel: Vocoder Problem may be a w/t

me: w/t?

Joel: working title only
11:59 PM 
me: right

Joel: new era may stick, but i think we should try to get those self-references in

me: yeah
for sure

Joel: they're the most satisfying
12:02 AM 
me: exactly.
although it was a new era
12:03 AM 
or was it.
i forget which tune that is now.

Joel: that's the question
the one with the ride out
moebius Casio

me: ohh yeah
and the short bust josh suggested

Joel: yeah. brill, that

me: hmmm.
12:04 AM 
oh dude. i got a new FF
the initial NEgative Zone issue
part 1, I had part
Johnny Flame goes to acting school to hit on girls. not lying.

Joel: the four...
12:05 AM 
me: Also, Reed Richards is dealing with Irate tenants
who rent in the building.

Joel: such a soap opera

me: and Things gf is a hotty
nothing happens.

Joel: weird scene
12:06 AM 
me: Thing decongests some downtown traffic by moving cars around. not lying.

Joel: so quotidien
12:07 AM 
me: and a dark chrystal ad
and like a couple of different d&d zones.

Joel: that's a go

me: well,
i was stoked.
gonna buy part 3

Joel: good plan
12:08 AM 
gettin to know the 1000000 comix gs

me: want the whole set of negative zone stories.
fucking hate them

Joel: Upseller

me: we havent spoke yet.
but Andy and Linus he's not.

Joel: oh well

me: More of that other dude that you "didn't know about."
at OS

Joel: right
12:09 AM 
Vinny? No, what was his name?

me: Tony

Joel: right
didn't know about him

me: what was the beef. He was like unsure of some Cluster reboots or something.

Joel: he was their jazz/world guy, right?

me: I think you had the internet and he didn't type of situation.
12:10 AM 
He was like "well i didn't see anything in the fax we got from the distributor"
but you didn't know about him.
for sure.

Joel: his heart wasn't in helping me with my german electronica

me: he was mad scrambling.

Joel: Linus would have fucking phoned them

me: hahahahah
12:11 AM 
josh has no idea whats going on Ive been hammering away at the keybs here an dkjust laughing hysterically.

Joel: hilarious
12:15 AM 
me: gonna move on jones.
12:16 AM 
nights next zone.
we'll talk tomorrow.

Joel: good times
see you then

me: werd

Monday, December 17, 2012


The person who lives ethically knows that what counts is what one sees in each situation, and the energy with which he considers it, and that the one who thus disciplines himself in the most insignificant life situations can experience more than the one who has been a witness to – indeed, been a participant in – the most noteworthy events. He knows that there is a dancing place everywhere, that even the lowliest of men has his, and that if he himself so wills his dancing can be just as beautiful, just as gracious, just as mimetic, just as dramatic as the dancing as those to whom a place has been assigned to history.
            -Søren Kierkegaard

We don’t make this music because we have to or because we want it on your blog or in your tape player, or whatever. We make it because its how we communicate with each other. And we’ve made it during incredible sickness, in sadness, in ecstasy and in joy. Through the fields of millions upon billions of points of shining light, in our apartments, in our beds, on tv or on stage, we make this music. But whatever, we’ll keep making it when we’re dead. We don’t make it to get recognized. Recognition comes easy for us. When Jones left the block the proprietor of Depanneur St Henri (Cazelais and Desnoyers) gave him a pack of smokes on the house. Recognized! When Jones rolled on the new block they were asking for him at the padaria within a week. When we order our Zataars in Arabic they speak back in Arabic. Jones once thwarted an armed robbery in downtown Ottawa and was recognized as a hero in grand ceremony.  We’re recognized. Paid? We’ve never been paid. We don’t care. Jones got a job dialling. Weren’t paid to sing at St. James United Church ever. We don’t do it to meet girls. Have you met Ivy? If you had, you wouldn’t even ask. Besides we’ve necked while listening to Physical Graffiti, the best Zep record, so really would we even need ‘em?  We just make the music because that’s how we communicate with each other and solve the alterity problem. Feel me?  - Jones

Available on cd only. 6$ + shipping and handling, Canada Post prices, sorry.
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