Monday, August 4, 2014

Alterity Problem Don't Hate To Investigate Video by Josh Bastien

Joel Taylor <>

to me

11:33 PM 
me: yeeeah.

11:34 PM 
Joel: Jones. Back in this.
11:35 PM 
me: How is it?
yourself, i mean

Joel: I'm okay. Slightly sore uvula.
I'm good for tomorrow for pix
11:36 PM 
Saturn looks insane: Keitel, Douglas, Fawcett? Totally never heard of it

me: Me neither.
\Whats with your maw.
11:37 PM 
Joel: Hard to say. Woke up yesterday after a hard gin night. Seems to be improving though

me: sick? or some wierd shit

Joel: only time will tell

me: a hard gin night?
jones, so unlike you

Joel: saturday was
jus straight gin

me: straight.
11:38 PM 
damn, son.
uhm uhm uhm

Joel: yeah
it worked

me: in Ktown

Joel: t zone

me: in 'trana

Joel: yup
last night was K though
11:39 PM 
not much drinking
we were fine with that

me: do you guys have a zone?

Joel: not yet

me: still on the search

Joel: yeah
ivy checks various zones
baggins is so glad i'm back
11:40 PM 
me: how was the interview?
i bet little man be

Joel: hard to say
could go either way

me: right, always like that.

Joel: i feel like i may not get that, but they might give me something else

me: but you didn't shit your pants and stare at at the interviewees boobs the whole zone.

Joel: depends on what the other candidate (who has previously worked there) wants to do i think
11:41 PM 
no, i wasn't nervous until after. I made a few jokes, did my best. they're relaxed.
if anything i think i was too pro-seming

me: right
well. time will tell
like your uvula

Joel: exacte
11:42 PM 
me: ahhh time.
it is a dimension

Joel: number 5
or tied for 4 w space

me: tied with space for something is a weird zone to be in.

Joel: yeah. check Kant

me: ahah
11:43 PM 
Joel: were you able to get in?

me: no
didn't try, all good.

Joel: oh, sorry, i thought ihad responded

me: no. but really its ok.

Joel: all the more county for the future i guess

me: might have been a netler concern
11:44 PM 
I guess i might be tied with space for "things presently occupying my apartment."

Joel: right

me: but tied with a long list of things.

Joel: yup.but it's one

me: ITs not just me and space.

Joel: but not for Kant
11:45 PM 
me: its one
No time. Is in a more significant tie
I would say.
I should read Kant agian. I loved it.
Only once in 1999

Joel: Farbus gave the Prolegomena a big thumbs up this weekend
11:46 PM 
me: really.

Joel: Unless it's time for the full CPR again
Yah, you know, Kant comes up, gs approve, like now

me: ooh i mean, i am not suprised in the least.
11:47 PM 
You and JOrdo, talking about Kant. My god. Rare hangs! Raaare hangs.

Joel: hahaha

me: rare hangs
good song title.
any song titles come up.
11:48 PM 
"just pop in there"

Joel: what's that from?

me: Ghostbusters.
"It just popped in there"
THought about a staypuff
"What just popped in there?" says Murray
11:49 PM 
Joel: I quoted Gb this weekend too

me: Always time.

Joel: tryin to think of the line
11:50 PM 
Oh yeah: Don't look directly into the trap.
"I looked at the trap, Ray"

me: hahah
In what context.

Joel: as you say, always time

me: ?

Joel: I think "Random Teeber Nonsequitur"

me: hahah
always time

Joel: Would be good if that had been the "phrase juste"
11:51 PM 
me: hahahaha

Joel: like, what are the circumstances where it's: I looked at the trap Ray

me: And somebody had called it...."Ahhh le phrase juste"

Joel: I'd have given that call an air oscillator
11:52 PM 
me: When is time for air oscillator and when is time for air skronk.
both are for different occasions.

Joel: I guess, yeah
I definitely did some air drums to Zep this weekend

me: word
sounds like a good weekend.

Joel: so the music's a factor
11:53 PM 
Moebius: air oscillator
Ayler: air skronk

me: but I mean. no music situation. Someone calls your phrase juste (after a GB quote, no less) air oscillator.
11:54 PM 
Joel: yeah, I feel like that's the one

me: Hobo saying "change pour manger" probably a skronk

Joel: yeah, esp. on that thirs one i think Ch-aaaa-nge pour manger

me: yeah
thats true
11:55 PM 
he really reeds it

Joel: dude: it's pour manger

me: yeah
so redo on the photos.

Joel: yup

me: i think it'll go fast and smooth
but basically we are on the right path.

Joel: good
11:56 PM 
me: my feeling.
band shot and the cover shot. and its off to the races.

Joel: righto
and titles

me: might be earlier scene like 8:30 or so.
is that ok?

Joel: okay that works

me: titles?
any thoughts.
11:57 PM 
Joel: no, i didn't deal with it over the weekend

me: that, luckily can be the last thing.
so not a rush.

Joel: they'll come

me: what needs titles so far track wise
11:58 PM 
Joel: we have puh and don't hate for sure

me: right.

Joel: Vocoder Problem may be a w/t

me: w/t?

Joel: working title only
11:59 PM 
me: right

Joel: new era may stick, but i think we should try to get those self-references in

me: yeah
for sure

Joel: they're the most satisfying
12:02 AM 
me: exactly.
although it was a new era
12:03 AM 
or was it.
i forget which tune that is now.

Joel: that's the question
the one with the ride out
moebius Casio

me: ohh yeah
and the short bust josh suggested

Joel: yeah. brill, that

me: hmmm.
12:04 AM 
oh dude. i got a new FF
the initial NEgative Zone issue
part 1, I had part
Johnny Flame goes to acting school to hit on girls. not lying.

Joel: the four...
12:05 AM 
me: Also, Reed Richards is dealing with Irate tenants
who rent in the building.

Joel: such a soap opera

me: and Things gf is a hotty
nothing happens.

Joel: weird scene
12:06 AM 
me: Thing decongests some downtown traffic by moving cars around. not lying.

Joel: so quotidien
12:07 AM 
me: and a dark chrystal ad
and like a couple of different d&d zones.

Joel: that's a go

me: well,
i was stoked.
gonna buy part 3

Joel: good plan
12:08 AM 
gettin to know the 1000000 comix gs

me: want the whole set of negative zone stories.
fucking hate them

Joel: Upseller

me: we havent spoke yet.
but Andy and Linus he's not.

Joel: oh well

me: More of that other dude that you "didn't know about."
at OS

Joel: right
12:09 AM 
Vinny? No, what was his name?

me: Tony

Joel: right
didn't know about him

me: what was the beef. He was like unsure of some Cluster reboots or something.

Joel: he was their jazz/world guy, right?

me: I think you had the internet and he didn't type of situation.
12:10 AM 
He was like "well i didn't see anything in the fax we got from the distributor"
but you didn't know about him.
for sure.

Joel: his heart wasn't in helping me with my german electronica

me: he was mad scrambling.

Joel: Linus would have fucking phoned them

me: hahahahah
12:11 AM 
josh has no idea whats going on Ive been hammering away at the keybs here an dkjust laughing hysterically.

Joel: hilarious
12:15 AM 
me: gonna move on jones.
12:16 AM 
nights next zone.
we'll talk tomorrow.

Joel: good times
see you then

me: werd

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