Sunday, November 21, 2010

Two new tapes

Ah care free days. A limited collection of all the Draino releases from this year...Early April's Hilux/Pushing Sand cassingle, The B side of the Neon Marshmellow tape, Vancouver, which is solo piano works and La Mort Des Soleilles, a score to a weird collaged cut/up sci-fi movie. Total Kozz taking a donks cover, painted by Jessica Mensch!
Started a new boot label called Walked In On the Boot Session Records. 1st up, cassette only, all of Haggarty's songs from Pussy Galore. You can't believe the effect Pussy Galore had on me when I first heard it circa age 15. Second perhaps only to hearing White Light/White Heat in terms of sheer rewiring. But I didn't even know the dude with little voice was someone. Why did he show up so rarely? Mystery later solved. Either way. The Hag knows baseball and this is his music. Selling these at cost 3$. Prove you're a fan and its yours.

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