Sunday, May 23, 2010



Drainolith Live Dates in May:

May 27th New York at Shea Stadium with Mouthus and Sightings.
May 28th Baltimore the Bank w/Mouthus Jenny Graf and Wyse Bluhd
May 29th Philadelphia at Junk Pizza w/ Honed Bastion and Bee Mask

Check the new releases:

Drainolith Hilux/Pushing Sand Cassette: Short but deeply searching “concept” album about the popular Japanese truck favored by Pashtos and various other 4GW-styled badmen over the last few decades. Catch a heavy GR vibe: “ secretly, it was being dictated instead by the needs of a conspiracy between human beings and techniques, by something that needed the energy burst of war...“ Yup, ain’t a comeup empire the last 1/4c that didn’t smoke dust kicked up by one of these girls. The Kozz on rip bonkers infinity sequencing, creepin’ zonal vox, fairly sprayed n’ hued rumblepacks. For now its gonna have to do in your canadian section next to some Data Strangler tapes but when this gets a glorious 12” pressing you’ll wanna file it next to yr Paul Hardcastle 19/It’s Weird twelve and yer prized (but well skated) “World Destruction” twelve inch blammer and maybe, just maybe, you’ll, beyond yr doubts and dreams, beyond what your “friends” say is true in this regard, will be able to say, “I’ll put my Kano It’s a War twelve in there too and nowz it a section.”

Alterity Problem Cassette and Cd-r: Excellent work from Rik van der Hooden and Doubloons. Catch a bit of a mirthy, but cold lit, Elektronische Synthesizer Laboratorium vibe off of this one but still feel the tensity of the Alterity Problem working itself out. van der Hooden became Doubloons and Doubloons became van der Hooden. Deeply worrying moment for both. Two solid pieces (cd comes with a bonus third). There’s even some weird metallurgical approaches taken here that add a electro-acoustic dimension but of a decidedly anti-CECist bent. c-40, limited cd-r version